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The following refund policy will be applicable for any web development project , web hosting or email hosting. Terms & condition of refund policy as follows:

1. Customer must agree(s) that 30 Days Refund policy is applicable only on web hosting account purchased on the given date, web hosting or email hosting packages.

2. Customer must agree that there is no refund policy, company would not be liable to give the refund once the advance is received for development of any kind of project.

3. Customer must agree that after showing the demo, if the Customer doesnt like the look and feel then the advance will not be refunded as the cost was incurred in designing the project.

4. Customer must agree that refunds will be cover only the on-going subscription period/cycle only for web hosting and will not cover any past invoices paid for the service subscription or renewal by the customer(s) side.

5. Customer must agree to accept the Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy, before making the advance payment.